Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville

Mother packing an apple into her son's lunchbox

Choose To Boost Veggies and Fruit

The third theme of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) is Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit. This theme runs from April 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017.

Choose To Boost Veggies and Fruit Key Messages

Be a Positive Role Model

Kids learn about food by watching others and are more likely to eat veggies and fruit when they see adults and other children eating these foods often. Be mindful of what you eat and say about food around children.

Eat Vegetables and Fruit with Meals and Snacks

Kids are more likely to eat veggies and fruit when these foods are made available to them. Try to add veggies and fruit to each meal and have them available for ‘grab and go’ snacks.

Try New Vegetables and Fruit

Encourage children to try a variety of colourful veggies and fruit. This provides different kinds and amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibre; all important nutrients to help kids grow. Choose veggies and fruit that are local and in season when possible.

Enjoy Meals and Snacks Together

When families eat meals together, away from screens, children are more likely to eat more veggies and fruit. Use meals as a time for your family to gather together and reconnect.

Get Kids Involved

Children who help prepare meals at home tend to eat more veggies and fruit and are more likely to choose to eat healthier foods. Involve your child(ren) in grocery shopping, cooking and even gardening!

Boosting Veggies and Fruit at School

BrightBites is a free program designed to guide and inspire schools to create healthy, enjoyable eating experiences, and improve overall school nutrition in a fun and exciting way. By breaking down school nutrition into simple, “bite-sized” challenges, BrightBites allows your class or school to earn badges in a variety of ways. You can then celebrate your successes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let your community know about how you are transforming the culture of nutrition!

The following BrightBites badges found below can be earned through the Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit Healthy Kids Community Challenge!

Green Thumb Badge Paint Your Plate Badge
Green Thumb Badge Paint Your Plate Badge
Cook It Up Badge Zesty Lessons Badge
Cook It Up Badge Zesty Lessons Badge

Boosting Veggies and Fruit in your Community and at Home

Are you interested in promoting healthier food and drink choices in your local recreation centre, arena, or elsewhere in your community? Take a look at our Fuelling Recreation in Your Community toolkit.

The foodcoreLGL Food Inventory is a list of the food and nutrition-related programs, organizations and businesses in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. It includes all stages of the local food system, and addresses all visions of the Food Charter.

Join a Good Food Box program.

Check out a local farmer's market:

Buy your produce from a farm gate or join a community supported agriculture farm (CSA).

Encourage your local grocer to stock local and Ontario produce.

Grow your own food in a container garden.

Celebrate local food at one of these events or festivals.

Visit or join a community garden.

Learn about a variety of locally grown vegetables and fruit and get some new recipes at Foodland Ontario.

Food Safety Alert!

Don’t forget about food safety when you’re cooking at home!

Wash your hands (with warm, soapy water), fruit, veggies, counter tops and utensils before you start preparing food and between tasks.

Keep cold foods at 4°C or lower and store in a sealed container.

For more information on food safety at home, visit: The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit's website.