Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville

A child doing a cartwheel on the grass

Power Off and Play Key Messages

Kids love to learn and play on their devices. But when they spend a lot of time in front of screens, they have less free time for other healthy activities. Here are some ways your family can build a balanced day:

Make Time for Active Outdoor Play!

When kids are active, they build stronger muscles and bones and have better coordination, self-confidence, focus and attention. No need for planned activities; by bringing play outside kids will naturally move more and longer. Let kids discover their own fun!

Connect With Nature!

Kids connected with nature are healthier and happier. Encourage kids to play outside every day. Start exploring nature with kids when they are young so that as they grow older, they understand the benefits of playing outside.

Swap Out Screen Time for Creative Activities!

Creative activities give kids a chance to use their imagination and further their learning. Activities, such as reading, cooking, board games and arts and crafts, allow for more face-to-face time. This is also good for their social and mental health and wellbeing.

Enjoy Meals Together!

Kids choose to eat healthier foods when they eat with others, when screens are turned off, and when they are involved in the planning and cooking of meals and snacks. Getting kids in the kitchen also allows them to learn about different foods and family traditions.

Save Bedrooms for Sweet Dreams Not Bright Screens!

Regular, uninterrupted sleep is important for kids to grow and be healthy. Light from screens (called ‘blue light’) tricks the brain into thinking it is daytime, which makes it hard to sleep. Give kids the best sleep possible by making bedrooms screen-free zones. Turn screens off at least 1 hour before bedtime.

Screen Time Guidelines

We can help our kids build a balanced day by following the screen time guidelines.