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Veggies ní Fruit Community Boost Initiative Awardees!

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Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville is pleased to announce awardees of the Veggies ní Fruit Community Boost Initiative. The Veggies ní Fruit Community Boost Initiative supports the third Healthy Kids Community Challenge theme; Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit and aims to create supportive environments for healthy eating.

Thirteen recipients across Leeds and Grenville have introduced programs that will make it easier for kids and families to choose vegetables and fruit with every meal and snack.

Find out what is happening in your community!


School Garden Towers
(Pineview Public School - Athens)

Pineview Public School is incorporating two (2) garden towers into their school environment to reinforce existing healthy community initiatives and allow students to grow, prepare, and learn about healthy, fresh produce throughout the year. Students will learn about growing, drying and preserving herbs that they will then enjoy in class and with the community.

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Community Kitchen
(Youth Employment Assistance Headquarters - Brockville)

Homeward Bound Brockville is introducing a Community Kitchen. Participants and their children are participating in a hands-on monthly Community Kitchen program where they will develop skills for the entire family by preparing healthy and affordable meals using seasonal, local fresh vegetables and fruits.

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School Garden Towers
(Académie Catholique Ange-Gabrie - Brockville)
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Ange Gabriel is incorporating three (3) garden towers into their school environment. Garden towers will produce enough produce/variety to serve food (e.g. salads) and to allow for succession planting, ensuring a continuous supply of vegetables. Growing food will easily be incorporated into various pieces of the school curriculum (e.g., science, nutrition, etc.).

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Tinker Lab Grow
(Brockville Public Library - Brockville)

Under the popular “Tinker Lab” brand, Brockville Public Library is introducing “Tinker Lab Grow”; a six (6) week Community Garden program where children and families will learn about growing their own vegetables and fruit. This hands-on program will introduce all aspects of maintaining a viable garden (e.g., planning, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting). Weekly outings to Brockville Farmer’s Market will introduce participants to local produce that will be prepared and enjoyed together in the Library.

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Good Food Box Program Enhancement
(Developmental Services Leeds and Grenville - Brockville)

Partnering with the Salvation Army and multiple child focussed agencies, this initiative will increase awareness of and access to the Good Food Box Program for children and families in Brockville. The Good Food Box is a non-profit community initiative that helps individuals and families access affordable, fresh vegetables and fruit all year round.

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Good Food Box Cardinal
(Cardinal Youth Centre - Cardinal)
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This initiative will provide the Good Food Box for multiple Youth Centre families at no cost for one year. The Good Food Box is a non-profit community initiative that helps individuals and families access affordable, fresh vegetables and fruit. Children and families will also be exposed to educational and skill building opportunities (e.g., weekly challenges/activities, awareness raising about the variety of veggies and fruit in the Good Food Box, preparation of snacks, the art of canning, etc.).

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Learn, Eat, Grow, Together Community Garden
(Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement - Gananoque)

In partnership with the Gananoque Food Access Network, the establishment of this Community Garden will increase access to affordable, community grown healthy food for children and families in Gananoque and Area. Free gardening workshops will also be offered and will include education about locally grown/seasonal availability of produce, seed care, planting, growing, maintenance, harvesting, food processing and food storage. Child and family garden champions will engage the community in this initiative.

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Leeds and the Thousand Islands

School Garden Enhancement
(Sweet’s Corners School Parent Advisory Council- Leeds and the Thousand Islands)

Sweet’s Corner’s Elementary School is enhancing their natural school environment by providing four (4) raised garden beds to augment outdoor learning opportunities (e.g., soils, plant life cycles, etc.). Produce grown will be used by students for special programming (e.g., hot lunches, cooking, canning, preserving, safe food handling, etc.) as well as donated to the local community partners (e.g., food bank, volunteers).

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Community Mock Restaurant
(Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands - Lansdowne)

The Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands is introducing a unique, no cost program designed to offer practical, hands-on experience in a mock restaurant setting. Children will learn about locally available vegetables and fruit, safe food handling, and menu preparation. A variety of dishes which will then be served at a community dinner (i.e. restaurant) and guests will be offered a recipe book so they can prepare the same food at home.

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Sautéing Chefs Cooking Program
(Leeds and Thousand Islands Public Library - Lansdowne)
Boy holding a carrot

Leeds and Thousand Islands Public Library is introducing Sautéing Chefs; a summer-long, hands-on cooking program for children. Sautéing Chefs will provide children with the skills necessary to plan and prepare healthy, affordable meals and snacks while exposing them to a variety of vegetables and fruit.

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Rideau Lakes

GastroBlast Cooking Course
(Rideau Lakes Public Library - Elgin)

Rideau Lakes Public Library is introducing the GastroBlast Cooking Course. This ten week course combines cooking and science making cooking healthy foods fun and fascinating. Children will learn the science behind cooking as they work together to make healthy meals that will boost their consumption of local and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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School Garden Enhancement
(Rideau Vista Public School - Westport)

Rideau Vista Public School is boosting the production of their school vegetable garden by installing raised beds for the production of seasonal greens, planting fruit trees and bushes, and providing in-class workshops for students and families to link gardening and food preservation (e.g., blanching, steaming, freezing).

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School Nutrition Program Enhancement/Cooking Classes
(Meadowview Public School - Addison)
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Meadowview Public School is enhancing the healthy school food environment by introducing local, seasonal vegetables and fruit into the school snack program, exposing children to local farm/orchard experiences and engaging children and families in cooking classes. Students will be involved in the preparation of new vegetables and fruits in the school nutrition program. Cooking classes will provide an opportunity for families to get involved and increase skill building opportunities.

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The following Toolkit is intended for use by Veggies n' Fruit Community Boost Initiative recipients.

Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit Toolkit Cover

For questions related to the toolkit, please contact the HKCC Leeds and Grenville Facilitator, Joanne Desormeaux at or (613) 258-5941.