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To help kids build a balanced day, follow the screen-time guidelines! Check out weekly posts for ideas to help kids Power Off and Play!

Screen Time Guidelines

Create with Snow!

Children in Snow

Creative activities give kids a chance to use their imagination and further their learning. It also allows for more face-to-face time which is good for their social and mental wellbeing. Encourage kids to bring their creativity outside! The snow provides a unique opportunity for play and to let loose their inner artist! Here are a few ideas to create with snow:

Help kids Power Off and Play by building a balanced day!

Power Off and Play! This March Break

Let's help kids to Power Off and Play this March Break! When kids are active, they build stronger muscles and bones, and have better coordination, self-confidence, focus and attention. By bringing play outside, kids will naturally move more and longer. Being outside in nature has added health benefits, such as improving self-esteem and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Here are some ideas to help keep kids active:

For winter safety tips, including appropriate clothing for outdoor play, visit Parachute Canada.

Help kids Power Off and Play by building a balanced day!